Annette Wasilik

Can't Sleep Again

Annette Wasilik and The Wonder Band
April 2015
Annette Wasilik


Can't Sleep Again musicians are:

Steve Steckler, electric guitar

Andrea Hoag, violin

John Previti, bass

Bobby Birdsong, pedal steel

Steve Bloom, drums

Annette Wasilik, vocals and acoustic guitar

Recorded at Asparagus Media, Takoma Park MD

Mastered at Airshow, Takoma Park MD


Can’t Sleep Again


I can’t sleep again. Been thinking too much

Worrying and wondering what may be

A rift in the family will shake you

When love’s solid walls go paper thin

Seems even my angels have turned their faces away

Where do you run when the roof’s caving in?


The walls need painting. I don’t care

No paint can cover up the ache in here

Well meaning questions and careful words

“If there’s anything at all, just call.”

But they know and I know there’s nothing to do

But hang up the phone and let the tears fall

All my life I’ve waited for you

Darling don’t you know I’d wait my whole life through


Some say “so it goes” but that’s just not true

I love one man only and that man is you

I can see you now with your ice blue eyes

That pierce me through like daggers in the dark

Keen conversation can drive you from my mind

But no surgeon’s knife could cut you out of my heart

Since that first day I knew you were mine

Nothing’s really changed, you haunt me all the time

You’re the question I ask, the answer so near

                         You’re the beating of my heart and the whisper in my ear 


Annette Wasilik BMI 2015

Songs from the Talking House