1. Crack of Four

From the recording Crack of Four


Crack of Four
Crack of four in the morning, crack open the door
It’s a head, it’s a clock, it’s a man alive and more
It’s a wonder, it’s a marvel. It’s a miraculous thing
 to come home in the evening and find your man sleeping
 Jeannie’s gonna come home all alone tonight
No cat in the back. No cops and making all the green lights
Yes, she will. Yes, she will
I catch your eye. I catch my breath. Catch myself thinking thoughts
No, no, no! Yes, yes, yes! I’m crossfired and caught
This power that compels me is impossible to fight
I lose my grip and let it slip. My guard falls down tonight
Crack of four in the morning. Crack open my eyes
An empty glass, an open book and a pad and pencil bed side
I turn the page. It’s open space. It’s possibility
Arms open wide I run outside and breathe in all that air for free
Annette Wasilik BMI 2015
Songs from the Talking House