1. Highway


Annette Wasilik BMI
From Love & Fire 2020

Miles and miles of corn, thunder painted sky
She rolls into the morning on this ribbon she will ride
She’s come in from the coast, another love gone bad
This one hurt the most, more than any that she’s had
Now she feels the gravity of the highway, the highway

The sky feels like home, her sister is the wind
Her mother, father, brother, stars and planets all her kin
She took to walking far when her thoughts got rough
She walked four hundred miles but it wasn’t far enough
Still she hears it calling, the highway, highway

For now the road will do until she learns to fly
Until she meets her family and Maker in the sky
While she’s here on earth you want to hold her fast
You know you’re bound to lose her and she’ll slip beyond your grasp

There’s no use in fighting the highway, highway…