"In a perfect world, Annette Wasilik would be a star." Ken Nagelberg WHYR 96.9fm New Orleans

On Love & Fire: "A dead solid perfect singer/songwriter putting out material straight from the heart, the words, music and voice all come together so perfectly...Killer stuff."

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

It is beautiful and touching. And even better that that. According to my sensibilities, some of it is downright brilliant...” - John Hill

— 94.7 WPVC, The John Hill Show  

It is fine singer songwriter folk music given a full band backing. Although local, Wasilik displays a broad American style that fits comfortably anywhere between the coasts. Her breathy voice could almost go lounge if she chose, but instead she has a sharp band laying down the light rock licks and quieter Americana folk passages to carry her songs forward. It all works well and there are some creative shifts in the songs that show her smarts and the band’s versatility. This is a fine record.  © David Hintz Folkworld” - David Hintz


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