Deception in the Glass
Annette Wasilik, BMI
Love & Fire, 2020, Azalea City Records

In the hotel bathroom mirror, I saw a stranger there
She kind of looked like me, had the same streak in her hair
But it didn't show what I know to be true
My heart won and lost and the cost of loving you, loving you

But I would pay it all again just to love so deep and fast
So don't you believe all that you see
There's deception in the glass

I took the elevator down to the lobby bar
It was late, the singer she was packing up her guitar
And I sat down, "A round of whiskey please."
First it warmed then it burned, like your love turned on me, turned on me.

But I could drink that bottle dry
But the forgetting never lasts
'Cause when my mind clears, your memory's still here
There's deception in the glass