1. Kentucky Babe


Kentucky Babe
Words by Richard Henry Buck,
Music by Adam Geibel (trad)
Annette Wasilik's Love & Fire, 2020
Azalea City Recordings

Skeeters are a'humming on the honeysuckle vine
Sleep Kentucky Babe
Sandman is a'coming for this little babe of mine
Sleep Kentucky Babe
Stars they are a shining in the heavens up above
Bobolink is pining for his little lady love
You is might lucky, babe of old Kentucky
Close your eyes and sleep
So fly away

Fly away Kentucky Babe
Fly away to rest
Fly away
Lay you little curly head on your mama's breast
Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo...ooo, ooo, ooo
Close your eyes and sleep