MilkBoy ArtHouse Songwriter Series supports songwriters and community

Hello all,

In February of this year, I, in partnership with The Clarice of the U of MD,  launched the new songwriter series, Songwriter Sundays at MilkBoy ArtHouse in College Park, Md. Every third Sunday of the month, we feature the 2 of our best local songwriters and 1 touring songwriter in a two set format. I begin the evening with a song or two then introduce the night's artsists with 3 mini sets each followed by a round-robin set with all three performers sharing the stage. MilkBoy ArtHouse opened last fall thanks to the hard work of the College Park City Council who lobbied hard to bring this venue into the neighborhood which features music for the college crowd as well as music for an older working-stiff crowd. The series and the venue are a hit and both are still growing in popularity.


Some of our past and upcoming performers: Kipyn Martin, Nicole Belanus, Andrew Alling, Steven Pelland, Heather Lloyd, Zia Hassan, Laura Baron, Kevin Dudley, Josh Gray, Brian Evans, Billy Coulter, Anne Sidley, Patty Reese, Brooksie Wells, Susan Rowe, John Linn, Aaron Nathans, Dan Whitener, Eli Lev, Ellen Cherry, Rob Hinkal and Mike Ryan.

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