Big sky, big talent, big hearts

My head and heart are just now starting to settle back down after spinning in a world of stellar songwriters with great chops and generosity to match. Every September, the Southwest Folk Alliance (also known as SWRFA) meets in Austin, Texas. I was told by a songwriting friend it was her favorite of the Folk Alliance Regionals. (There is the Southeast, Northeast, Far West and Farm in the middle of the country.) Now I understand why. It is a welcoming world, not too big or small, just chuck full of great songwriting and performers. Many folks have been coming for years while quite a few of us were dipping our toes in the SWRFA waters for the first time. My buddy from Virginia, Mike Ryan, had scored a formal showcase which is quite an honor. It was so cool to see him up on the stage, sounding great while introducing a larger world to his music. I also met new friends and fans and learned more things about the music biz. (SO much to learn!)

The biggest news is I also came home with a manager, Charlie Stewart out of Austin. He's a true Texas character and has already helped me immensely. It's really great to feel the support of big sky country.

Sometimes you have to get out of dodge to see a bigger picture and learn there's plenty of space for you to fit in...

Thanks for listening!