Riverdale Rail Concert Series

Last fall, Bob Harper messaged me asking if I would like to play at his bookstore, Robert Harper Books in Riverdale...for tips. My first impulse was to say, "Thanks but no thanks," but instead I got some good advice from a resourceful friend who suggested I make him an offer. I asked him if I could come by the store to meet him and check out his store. Bob is a tall, good-natured guy and full of enthusiasm for books and music. His shop is located in a quaint row of shops across from the railroad tracks. He loved my idea of a songwriters' concert series where people would be asked to pay a suggested donation. He agreed to guarantee the performers a certain amount and over that amount taken in at the door, he shares with the artists. This is so friggin' amazing for all of us!! Imagine, we're cultivating the rare listening venue for the community, people are paying a fair ticket price and gifted songwriters from all over the area and the region (as far away as Newfoundland) are coming to play at this wonderful bookstore in Riverdale Md. Who'd a thunk?? That night after talking with Bob, I was climbing into bed and the name "Riverdale Rail" popped into my head. Perfect. So please come out, support these great songwriters be a part of the magic and help us grow this fledgling series into a beloved institution. 

Thanks Bob Harper!  You rock! (folk, Americana, jazz and blues, too.)